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The Nightmare is out today! Since it is the final book in The Dream Saga trilogy, I want to talk a little about the two year long journey that got us this far.

These things always begin with a simple idea. My daughter had just been born and I was beginning to live the life of a stay at home dad. Learning how to keep another human alive is challenging, but I have long had the desire to create new projects in my free time, and I suddenly had an abundance.

There was a time when I was running a semi-successful blog, but I wanted to branch out into new projects, so I was reading dozens of different blog posts every day looking for new inspiration. I read quite a lot of drivel on a lot of different topics before I realized I wanted something more long lasting than the throw-away-a-day articles I had been reading.

But I knew one important thing while I was learning what to do: I am a writer. I tried different blogging projects and freelance work, but nothing intrigued me as much as writing a novel.

One day, while my daughter was taking a nap, I began to write what I thought would be my first novel. And it was garbage. I had about a thousand words of garbage on file. It took me three weeks to recover from that debacle. But I did recover and I began to write what would eventually become The Dream.

It took about four months to write my first novel. It took three more to edit and publish the thing. It took about twelve hours to realize that I wasn’t going to become a best-selling author when The Dream was released to Amazon on March 5th, 2013.

But I pressed on. I experimented with different writing styles, genres, and promotions. I failed more than I succeeded. But I pressed on because I realized that stories are the best way to communicate with the world around us. And now I have five novels out. The Dream Saga has been my highest writing priority over the past two years, with The Dream, The Vision, and now The Nightmare being released into stores. What an adventure!

This Is What I Learned

I’ll never be able to stop writing. It’s how I tell stories. It’s what I do now.


What’s next?

Writing a novel was exciting two years ago, but it’s even more thrilling after learning so much since the first one was published. I’m already developing my next story and plan to use this blog to fill everyone in on how things are proceeding, what I’m working on, why I’m working on it, and how I’m doing it.

I’ll give you one clue before I ask you to check in next week: My next series will focus on life and death.

Check in next week for more information!