I am pleased to finally be able to tell you that The Dream Saga will be coming to Amazon Kindle in the form of a digital box set!

This means that The Dream, The Vision, and The Nightmare will all be available together in one file!

In fact, you can pre-order The Dream Saga on Amazon, a new feature the website recently released.

What will The Dream Saga include? The latest and greatest updates and revisions from all three novels. Here’s the product description:

Now Own The Complete Collection

The Dream Saga Trilogy By Christian Fiction Author Tyler Scott Hess

The Dream: What Matters In Life?

Timmy’s adventure begins when his life goes into a tailspin as he loses the career he had dedicated his life to on the same day tragedy strikes a family member. Everything he has worked for has been dashed to pieces in an instant.

In an attempt to escape the society that turned its back on him, Timmy finds himself on a desperate journey where he confronts his understanding of the Christian faith and the hope he can find in Jesus while hoping to make sense of his dreams in this modern world.

The Vision: What Can You Do When Your Plans Fail?

With a fresh start on life and a newfound faith in Christ, Timmy receives a vision from God, giving him the idea to remodel an old fire house into a new church. In this sequel to The Dream, Timmy must learn how to live the Christian lifestyle while restoring old relationships and building new ones, even when events don’t go according to plan.

The Nightmare: Where Do You Turn In Your Darkest Hour?

After years of struggling with life, Timmy turned to God. He found peace, family, and a thriving career. He even found the love of his life, Lindsey, who was perfect for him. But he is about to find out that life never stops challenging his faith.

Dreams come and go for all of us.
Visions are not always what they seem.
Nightmares are not the end.

This version will not be available in paperback form in the foreseeable future, but I have updated all paperback forms of my novels this month and they are available in the Amazon store for those who are interested.

But what about my next book? Don’t worry, I’m hard at work on what I think will be the best thing I’ve ever written. I should have an update in the coming weeks on what I’ve been working on and why I think it’s an exciting story worth telling.