Sequels - There Is More Where That Came From

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Last week I gave away nearly 10.000 free downloads to my book The Dream and I learned a great deal about writing, marketing, and what I want to do with my life. Most importantly, I believe that I learned that I was right about one thing: people will only want more if you make it so that they want more. In other words, make a sequel necessary.

If you haven’t read the book, then don’t worry, I won’t spoil a thing for you here beyond what a reviewer could have told you. In fact, that is exactly what I’ll do as I received a few quick reviews from those who did download and review the book since its release:

After reading the last page I immediately went to Amazon to get the next book only to discover it is not out yet.

Amazon reviewer “mrsdotcom”


I finished the book enthralled and immediately tried to buy the sequel, which apparently is not available yet.

Amazon reviewer “aninterestinglife”


There were more reviews that had similar sentiments and a tweet from a good friend of mine that summed it up perfectly:

That is exactly what I was looking for with the first book in a series. I wanted people to want me to write more.

So how about it? What’s next? Will there in fact be a sequel to The Dream?

Please Sir I Want A Sequel


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Well the answer is yes! In fact, if you got to the end you might have noticed that it says “End of Book One”. That means there will be more. My goal is to make this into a four book series with the next installment to come out sometime this Fall. I have a personal goal of getting it out in September.

Am I working on the sequel right now? Actually, no. I’m working on something else.

I am currently working on a project that will as a whole be titled The Adelaide Series (probably) with the first book titled (definitely)…

Adelaide And The Battle Of The Bands

I am about halfway through my next book, which will also be a part of a scheduled four book series. I hope to have this book released in late June. This series is about a young girl, Adelaide, who has always dreamed of being a singer. When her best friend’s band suddenly finds itself in need of a singer, she bravely overcomes her objections and fears to lead a rock band.

Why would I go back and forth like this? Why wouldn’t I write four books in one series and then four books in another series?

I think those are fair questions and I believe I have a fair answer. The Dream is a deeply personal book. Quite frankly, it took a lot out of me to get that book completed. It was difficult to write, not because I couldn’t come up with a storyline, but because I had something incredibly important to say and it was a spiritual journey for me as well as for some of those who read it.

To put it another way: I needed a break. I needed to have some fun too. Adelaide is a fun book series to write. She’s a fun person to write about. Tim is a very difficult person to write about because it is so personal. Going back and forth between the two gives me the ability to keep my sanity from book to book and time to think about where each series is going while writing the other book.

Can I Give The Fans Of The Dream Something While They Wait For The Sequel?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Absolutely I can. At least two things for you to look forward to while you wait for the sequel to The Dream.

One is that I’m working on a bonus feature for The Dream. Think of it like the bonuses you get on DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s. I am going to work on a page for this website where I give some insight into The Dream, the characters, the storyline, etc. I hope to get that done in a week or two.

The other is that I plan on writing a short story involving a minor character in The Dream. Who? I won’t tell you, but I’ll let you guess. I have an idea mapped out and I will be giving it out for free in some form or another. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you to everyone who has read The Dream and demanded a sequel. There will be one. Look for it Fall 2013. Pick up Adelaide And The Battle Of The Bands sometime around late June 2013.

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