My Current Project

The Vision


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A writer’s work is never finished and that’s the way we like it! As I hope you know, I am currently working on the sequel to my first novel, which was titled The Dream. I am more than 60% complete with the first draft and I am working hard to release it in late October of this year!

The Vision. That is the title I have come up with for the sequel to The Dream. I don’t want to give away too much just yet, but the story obviously picks up where The Dream left off. I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t read The Dream, but I believe The Vision will answer many of the questions you may have had from the first book in the series.

My Plans For The Future

The Future


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Having a creative mind does not begin and end with the current project. I am simultaneously working on ideas for future releases, including the sequel to Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands, the third book in The Dream Trilogy (yes, #3 should be out next year!), and I even have an idea I would like to explore in the world of a fantasy universe I am inclined to create. None of this comes easily or quickly, but my goal is to produce 3-4 books per year. That means I should have two complete trilogies released by the end of 2014!

How You Can Get Involved!

Get Involved


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The one thing that helps any new author more than anything else is word of mouth. If you have enjoyed any of my work, whether it is The Dream, Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands, or even my short story Unforgettable (which is free if you sign up for my newsletter), then I would simply ask that you let others know about my stories! It also helps if you leave a sweet review on Amazon or even Goodreads!

I have promotions running throughout the year, and if you act quickly you can even get a free digital copy of Adelaide and the Bands over at StoryCartel. You can even have a chance at winning an Amazon gift card if you review the book! The deal expires next week, so hurry!