Scrivener – The Best Writing Studio On The Market

I want to share some valuable information with other authors that many have either never heard of before or never took the time to try for themselves. When I went to publish my first novel, The Dream, I wasn’t completely sure how to go about doing it. I’m a big fan of independent publishing and wanted to go on that course from the beginning, but I needed a processing solution that went above and beyond other options.

The answer I found was Scrivener. It simply had everything I could have asked for in a drafting, writing, and publishing program.

Drafting and Writing With Scrivener

When I first used Scrivener, it was after I had already written my manuscript. Oh, how I wish I had known about it before writing a 44,000 word novel in a lesser program! There are so many great drafting tools within Scrivener that I have yet to exhaust the possibilities. Here’s what I do know as I work in Scrivener with my second novel:

Chapters are made easier: I write each chapter in a separate folder within what is called a “project.” This is great for those who want to easily separate and search for different areas of their writing with different chapters, parts, and sections. This is also great for the publishing part of writing!

Cork board: Do you remember the good old days of having a cork board to pin ideas to in your home? Now you can do that on your computer with a sweet option that lets you keep notes on characters, chapters, images, and summaries.

Instant save: Have you ever written a thousand words and had it disappear in an instant? It is terrifying to a writer. Scrivener automatically saves every few seconds and keeps your place. Magical.

Much more to explore: You will want to see more for yourself, as outlining your books will be such a fun adventure, taking away so many of the rough edges that keep writers from doing their thing.

Publishing With Scrivener

Even if you are fine with drafting your work the hard way as I did when writing my first book, you’re still going to need a better solution for publishing and selling your book.

Perfect for all formats: Want to sell your book on Amazon Kindle? Kobo? Barnes and Noble? Paperback? PDF? Guess what? Scrivener has your back. I published The Dream on Amazon Kindle and on paperback through Createspace with absolutely no experience in book publishing whatsoever without a single hitch! I also wrote a short e-book called Tell Your Story and published it in PDF form (which you can get for free when you sign up to get updates sent to your inbox) with zero difficulty.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t be living the dream of a published author without buying Scrivener.

Get Your Own Copy of Scrivener

The best thing about Scrivener is that it is affordable and available for both PC and Mac! You don’t have to buy Scrivener through me, but I am going to provide some affiliate links below just in case you do. Either way, you are going to want to get this ASAP!

Buy Scrivener on Amazon for PC for $40

Buy Scrivener 2 on Amazon for Mac for $45


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