The Vision – Releasing November 4th 2013

I admit it! I left you all hanging pretty hard over that cliff back in March when I released The Dream. Well, it’s about time I let you all read about the next step in Timmy’s adventure. The sequel to The Dream is titled The Vision and I am deep into the editing process. I’ll have a detailed description up in the coming weeks, but for now you can take a look at the cover!


The Vision Small Cover

Don’t understand the cover? Well, you will when you read the book. This is part of a rebranding of the covers for the trilogy that this will become. Check out the new cover for The Dream! If you’ve read the book, then you will understand the symbolism on the cover. If you read The Vision, you’ll understand that too. What about the third book in the trilogy? Patience, my friends. Patience.

The Dream Cover Smaller

National Novel Writing Month

Unless you’re an author, you’ve probably never heard of it, but November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) and I will be participating for the first time. The basic idea is that it is possible to write a short novel (50,000) words in just one month! My previous novels I have taken 2-3 months to write, but I want to push myself to see what I can do with the right motivation.

What will I be working on in November? I will be writing the sequel to Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands! I have a basic idea what the book will entail, but I will be using October to do two things: get The Vision ready for release and write Adelaide Goes To Nashville. If I can pull this off, it will free December up for me so I can celebrate Christmas and prepare for another year of writing! The hope would be to release my fourth book in January and finish up both trilogies by late Summer 2014.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, NaNoWriteMo could be your best opportunity! There are great rewards for “winners” (those who finish their 50,000 word novel) so check it out for yourself!


Learning Something New With Every Book

Writing is an educational experience. I’ve learned something new about writing, about myself, and about my faith with every book I’ve written. Somehow they are all interconnected. I’m learning how to be a better writer, and I think that I’m getting better with each title I’m publishing, but more importantly I’m learning how important it is for me to put my faith into my books. That won’t sit well with everyone, and I still have room for improvement on the execution of such a practice, but I have no reason to write if I’m not sharing my worldview with my readers. I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not to make a buck and I’m not going to water it down to make someone else feel better about my career. I’ll write what I believe and I’ll do my best to put it into a great story. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.