Have you been dying to find out what happens after my first novel, The Dream? Well, now is your chance as The Vision has finally released!

Sometimes plans fail. Sometimes that’s for the best, even when someone can’t see why. When Timmy is given a vision from God, he is tasked with remodeling an old fire house into a new church while building his relationships with his brother and his new “family,” while learning what it means to live by faith.

The Vision Cover

The Vision is now available on Amazon Kindle!

Look for the final installment, The Nightmare, to be released Summer 2014!

Now Writing: Adelaide Goes To Nashville

This is an exciting month for me. Not only am I releasing The Vision, but I’m also writing the sequel to Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands! I am participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo, you can follow along with my progress here. I’ve written 6,561 words out of the required 50,000 to be a “winner” through the first three days of the month. It’s a serious challenge, but one I’m dedicated to accomplishing. Adelaide Goes To Nashvile Cover My hope is to finish this book in time to release in early 2014, either January or February. My plan is to finish both trilogies next year before moving on to my next grand writing adventure. I have an idea in mind, but you will have plenty to enjoy before we go down that road together.