The Nightmare Final Cover

The Nightmare will be released in just one week! Mark July 21, 2014 on your calendars and reveal the conclusion to The Dream Saga.

Here’s the book’s official description:

The Life Changing Conclusion To The Dream Saga Trilogy By Christian Fiction Author Tyler Scott Hess

Where do you turn in your darkest hour?

After years of struggling with life, Timmy turned to God. He found peace, family, and a thriving career. He even found the love of his life, Lindsey, who was perfect for him. But he is about to find out that life never stops challenging his faith.

Conclude The Story That Began With The Dream And Continued With The Vision

Dreams come and go for all of us.

Visions are not always what they seem.

Nightmares are not the end.

This has been an exciting ride the past two years as I have officially written my first series to its end. What’s next? I have ideas…