Introducing My Current Project: Escape

Introducing Escape


Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls of all reading ages, I would like to introduce to you my next big thing!

Alright, alright, enough with the dramatics. Let’s save that for the book itself.

As much as I loved writing my first series, The Dream Saga (box set came out this week!) I had to move on the day I hit publish.

Because that’s what writers do. We create, we write, we edit, we publish, we market, and then we move onto the next thing.

And I don’t want to leave you in the dark as to what my next big project is going to be. In fact, I want to fill you in as much as I possibly can through the process.

Let Me Tell You About Escape

My first book series, The Dream Saga, was heavily influenced by my past. The series that begins with Escape is heavily influenced by my future.

As a Christian, I see the hand writing on the wall, as well as the signs in the sky, and I believe that persecution is only growing.

Although persecution in The USA is relatively minimal compared to many regions of the world, it does exist, and it’s going to expand.

Persecution is something that we will deal with on a grander scale in this country in my lifetime.

So I wanted to write a series that explores the world of someone who might have to deal with persecution in a nation much like my own.

So my next book is going to be about a young man who must face the reality of being a martyr, that is someone who is willing to live for his beliefs no matter the consequences.

As I mentioned, Escape is going to be the first book in what I hope to be a series of novels focused on the life of a martyr.

So, the full working title for this book will be ESCAPE: A MARTYR’S TALE and will be part of THE MARTYR SERIES. Don’t worry, the image above has nothing to do with the cover, that will come in the future.

Thank you all for joining me on this writing journey. I’m three chapters (12,000 words) into the book that I plan on making approximately 20 chapters (80,000+ words) long and hope to publish sometime next spring.

My plan is to keep you updated through the process and talk about the ups and downs of writing such a manuscript.

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