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Here is what happend this morning. I was on Twitter, minding my own business, when I see the following tweet from fellow blogger K.C. Proctor..

I hate meetings. They tend to waste my time and I usually don’t need to be there. Most meetings are like a 300 page book that could have been summed up in a 300 word blog post. They are the worst.

But there is one thing that makes them manageable: Donuts.

So I responded with this.

A quick conversation ensued and in the end it led to me doing this:


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Of course I am a writer who works at home, so I don’t have meetings. Well, I might have a google hangout some day, if someone needs to talk to me that way, but I don’t really have meetings. I also don’t have a beard.


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That is one serious beard right there, I just can’t grow one. I can grow a somewhat manageable gotee of sorts, nothing to brag about. The good news is I don’t have to worry about donut powder sticking to my beard! I do think it would be nice if we could make it a law that donuts aren’t unhealthy, that they are just as healthy as fruits and vegetables.


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Okay, maybe I don’t know how laws work. I do know one thing. I know that there are two things that you and I really need today. We need a great donut and we need to create something amazing. Do you need a reason? Well, don’t do it for me. Don’t even do it for yourself. Do it for the Death Star. Remember the Death Star, Remember the Donuts!

Remember The Death Star

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I am working on my second novel, the follow up (but not the sequel) to The Dream. What are you creating today?