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Christmas Begins – How It All Started

Pssssst: Read all the way to the end for an important surprise! No cheating. I suppose everyone’s first memories of Christmas would be quite diverse. Many, like myself, will surely remember a particular present they received one year as a child. Some will recall Christmas lights being set up, with a Christmas tree filled with […]

Adelaide Goes To Nashville Is Now Available On Amazon Kindle!

  It took longer than expected, but after four months of hard work I am finally able to say that Adelaide Goes To Nashville is available on Amazon Kindle! You probably know already, but this is the sequel to Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands, a continuation of my young adult series about a […]


Behind The Scenes #1 – Developing The Early Stages Of The Dream

I never expected to author a book. Certainly not a novel. A theological book someday? Maybe. But a novel? Several novels? No. But that’s how a lot of things have gone in my life. I end up doing things I never thought were possible and they become a major part of my life. The Dream […]

All You Need To Write A Novel – Tyler’s Top Tip Tuesday

  All You Need To Write A Novel – Tyler’s Top Tip Tuesday #1 I never thought I’d be a writer. I didn’t seek it out early on, I’m not an obsessive reader, and I have two college degrees that have nothing to do with creative writing or language skills. Yet here I am, working […]

Introducing A New Look

  Welcome to a brand new year, my faithful friends and readers. With a new year, I am making some exciting upgrades for my writing, starting with The website may not appear to have changed much, but you’ll notice some differences in content in the coming days. More specifically, I am putting a larger emphasis […]