Tylers Top Tips 1


All You Need To Write A Novel – Tyler’s Top Tip Tuesday #1

I never thought I’d be a writer. I didn’t seek it out early on, I’m not an obsessive reader, and I have two college degrees that have nothing to do with creative writing or language skills. Yet here I am, working on my fourth novel. While writing has its challenges, it isn’t this unsurmountable process that normal people can’t get into any longer. You can write a book and have it published easier than at any point in history. I’m here with tips every Tuesday to help you along the way. Let’s get started with how to get started.

1. Motivation

If you do not want to write a book, then you probably won’t write a book. It doesn’t matter if it’s 50,000 words or 500,000 words, books take time and motivation to create, so you’re going to have a great reason to write one. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing novels (like I do) or non-fiction books, your motivation has to come from a place where you want to reach out to people, because your books aren’t going to sell if you write them just for you. I personally write my books because I believe I have something important to share with people, which is my faith in Jesus Christ. Some of my work is more straightforward about it than others, but in the end I want to have a platform to share the Gospel with others. Maybe yours is something else, but you’re going to have to have something internally telling you that you have to write this book or it’ll never get off the ground.

2. An Idea

Every great story starts with just one great idea. Maybe it’s a far away land with magical creatures. Maybe it’s a devastating homicide that needs to be solved. Or possibly it’s the concept of love and how one person looks at it in society. Most stories revolve around simple concepts as a foundation, but are developed with great characters, goals, and story lines. All you need for your novel is one grand idea to build upon and it isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, I’ve started a tumblr blog where I come up with a new book idea every single day. Find an image or situation that interests you and let your imagination run wild.

3. The First Line

Every story needs a beginning. Maybe it takes a paragraph or a page instead of a line, but the introduction is what will not only hook readers in to want to finish reading your story, it will also lead the way to making the process interesting for you. There is a problem, there is tension, there is something happening that must be resolved by the last page. When someone reads that first line, it must be so important that they can’t move on with their lives until they know how it ends. Now you just have to bring them along the journey and tell them how it turns out. But once you find your motivation, come up with an idea, and come up with that first line you will be well on your way to writing a novel.