Tyler Scott Hess is an engaging Christian fiction author determined to follow the footsteps of C.S. Lewis as a master of various genres, writing with the heart of a Christian dedicated to entertaining and putting forth the light of the world based on his faith.

Educated at Oregon State University and Calvary Chapel Bible College, his studies and life experiences have increased his desire to reach both those within and outside of the church, leading to various ministries in his home church, as well as crafting stories to stimulate greater thought and care concerning the spiritual world.

The Dream Saga is a three book series of novels on the forefront of inspiring contemporary Christian Fiction examining the life of a man desperate to rid himself of the world, find himself in Christ, and walk with God under disastrous circumstances.

Adelaide Martin is the heroine of the young adult series portraying a teenager fresh out of high school who has always imagined herself going to Nashville to become a famous singer. She finds herself thrust into the spotlight when she joins her best friend’s band in their moment of need. Adelaide takes a journey through the music scene as she must find out who she is in the face of internal and external pressures in the music industry.

Author Q&A:

How did you get your start writing novels?

I never intended to be an author, to be honest, but God has a funny way of putting me in places I never imagined. I actually got my start in the writing world as a music blogger, starting my own popular website titled Christian Music Zine. After years of positive feedback regarding my ability to describe something as complicated as music, I thought I would like to try something on a grander scale, thus leading to The Dream, which only further fueled my desire to create stories that inspire readers of all ages and backgrounds.

What inspires you to continue to write novels?

For the longest time I’ve had a desire to do something greater than just finding a lucrative job in the business world. If money were everything to me, I doubt I would have left better paying jobs to follow God’s will for my life on several occasions. When it comes to writing novels, I have this deep sense of urgency in creating realistic stories that could happen to actual people, though obviously in an exaggerated storytelling sort of way that accentuates something I believe in. It might be something more serious like in The Dream or something a little lighter like Adelaide and the Battle of the Bands, but either way I want to share my perspective on the world with others.

What is the best advice you could give to a new author?

I believe the most important thing a novelist can do is to find ways to connect personally with their audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about dragons, robots, or street thugs, an author is really putting their worldview into their work. Be honest and open with your readers and they will return the favor. When I wrote The Dream, I didn’t know how people would respond when I hit that “publish” button. What I discovered is that although there will always be critical people, there will be those who connect with the stories, which far exceeds any negativity I might receive. Authors have a great opportunity to bring inspiration and comfort to someone who picks up a book simply because they want something to read for a day or two.

I reside in San Diego, California with my wife and children. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

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